Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dylan: My Back Pages


  1. Liked Dylan but never got into his music til around 1980. My buddie & I were in Majorica & he came back to the ship (Navy) all excited & said I had to go see this place. He took me to a neat hangout named The Bob Dylan Pub. A long narrow pub with a long bar & albums that lined the length of the bar played on a cool sounding turntable. Of course I had to ask if Dylan owned the place & said he did, this was one of three around the globe. Later when in Phila. Dylan came to the Spectrum & we were really close to the stage. One I'll always remember. Thanks for small memories Walter.

  2. GB, most interesting comment-I once had a notion of opening some kind of Dylan bar, and filling it with Dylan stuff...I wonder where the other two pubs are? I've been a Dylan fan since hearing 'Positively 4th Street' when it was released on the radio waves...I was about 14.
    Very cool post, thanks very much!