Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bach on Nyckelharpa


  1. this is you? i watch and listen, see you move, play (it hardly matters if it is you or not), notice your chin, think: oh, the multitude of varied and passionately living people! how we want to be alive, don't we! how we need to live! what is the alternative? each day we struggle to put form to the impulse inside us. (beautiful music, by the way.)

    (if this is you then why don't you show your face? what is it that you think you are doing in not showing your face? focusing on the instrument? no, we search for the face to know the music. are you perhaps protecting something? there is, i think, nothing to protect. tell me? i apologize. i am a nosy person. i find it one way to learn. the other way, of course, is to be silent, but i'm a novice at this.)


  2. Erin, no, it's not me. Alas, to learn one must seek & ask & look!